Review – HemaVol by iForce Nutrition

HemaVol Nitric Oxide SupplementThe people at iForce Nutrition should pat themselves on the back for developing the very innovative HemoVol.  HemoVol is not your typical nitric oxide booster.  It is a combination of two matrices that increase nitric oxide AND also increase the nitric oxide synthase (NOS) enzymes responsible for making  nitric oxide available to the blood vessels and cells.

The Hemodynamix Matrix is a combination of amino acids and nutrients shown to increase nitric oxide production.  These nutrients including agmatine and citrulline have been shown to increase NO production by provind the raw materials that NOS requires.  The Vasodilation Support matrix is composed of nutrients that support the activity of NOS, increasing its activity.  So in a nut shell, HemaVol provides the raw materials to produce nitric oxide and then stimulates the NOS enzymes, the NO factories, to be more active.  The result is more vascularity and harder “pumps”, which many of our body builder readers desire.  It gets high ratings at

But more than that, everyone can benefit by the increased movement of nutrients throughout the body.   Nitric oxide is responsible for signalling the blood vessels and capillaries to relax and expand.  This dilation reduces blood pressure and allows more blood, oxygen and nutrients to move into the cells of the organs, muscles and other tissues.  It also allows for the efficient removal of waste products like lactic acid.

This is why nitric oxide has been shown to improve everything from mental capabilities to strength and endurance.  Nitric oxide supplements are used by athletes and “average joes” alike to improve wound healing, recovery time between exercise sessions, and grow in muscle and performance.  Nitric oxide also seems to benefit cancer patients as well as diabetes patients suffering from diabetic symptoms like renal failure, and neuropathy.  This nitric oxide boosting effect is what makes many erectile dysfunction drugs like Viagra and Cialis work.

Nitric oxide truly is an amazing molecule!

I like the fact that HemaVol relies on agmatine and citrulline as its main nitric oxide boosters.  The trend seems to be to move away from straight L-Arginine to these more complex amino acids.  Norvaline is also an amino acid and is known to promote tissue growth and regeneration.  Just what an athlete needs after an intense workout caused by the nitric oxide boost.  Another interesting supplement that I don’t know much about is  Rutaecarpine or Rutacaerpine as it is spelled on the HemaVol label.  This is an extract from the Asian tree, Evodia rutaecarpa.  (Many you have heard of the thermogenic supplement Evodiamine, which it is suspected, has a similar mechanism as capsaicin,.which also comes from this tree.   Rutaecarpine has been used for centuries as a natural vasodilator.  It appears to me, from the research I have done, that the rutaecarpine functions much the way that caffeine does in other nitric oxide boosters.  It may raise the body temperature slightly and stimulate the adrenal glands.  This means that in addition to moving blood and  nutrients more efficiently throughout your body, you may increase fat burning.

I like that these are caplets instead of a drink mix.  However, the drink mix probably works better.

Side effects are similar to those of other nitric oxide boosters.  Drink LOTS of water.   Read the label carefully and consult a physician if you have any questions..  One concern I have is that this supplement, according to iForce Nutrition, is so powerful that you only need to take it once per day and only 4 times per week.  That may be because of the rutaecarpine.  I would make sure NOT to take any caffeine or stimulant while taking HemaVol, at least until your tolerance is determined.  iForce Nutrition states that there are no synthetic stimulants in HemaVol, but that does not mean that rutaecarpine doesn’t act like a natural stimulant.  But again, if you have any questions, please consult your physician.

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