Review – BSN Nitrix

Nitrix nitric oxide supplement - NO booster Energy supplement of the year in 2012Nitrix has been around for a long time.  It’s produced by Bio-Engineered Supplements and Nutrition, Inc. (BSN®), which was founded in 2001.  They regularly win awards for their high quality products.  In fact, Nitrix won the 2012 Energy Supplement of the Year award from  I found this extremely interesting since Nitrix is not really marketed as an energy supplement by a nitric oxide booster.  If you have been following my blog, nitric oxide boosters can increase energy through a similar mechanism that they increase muscle mass, increase endurance, improve sexual health, and improve mental acuity.  The ingredients in Nitrix have been shown to increase nitric oxide which, in turn has been shown to relax the blood vessels.  This vasodilation allows blood to flow more freely in the body, bringing increased oxygen and nutrients to the muscle cells, as well as removing waste products like lactic acid, which causes the familiar “burn” when you work out and reduces endurance and strength.


The key ingredients in Nitrix are what BSN calls the ACE3 or triple nitric oxide matrix.  ACE3 is composed of L-Arginine AKG or Alpha Keto-Glutarate, L-Arginine Ethyl Ester and L-Citrulline.   Nitric Oxide is generated from the breakdown of these amino acids by NOS, or nitric oxide synthase, an enzyme in the body.  These ingredients are common in most nitric oxide boosters.   But what I find interesting is the addition of creatine which also acts to volumize the muscles.  Research has shown creatine is effective in increasing the physiological response to resistance training.   This unique combination and BSN’s high quality product may be the reasons why BSN Nitrix continues to win awards.

The reason why I have included Nitrix as my first nitric oxide supplement review is that I have personally used it.  It works for me.  When I follow the directions and take the supplements 3 times a day in the dosage recommended, I find that I have more energy during my workouts, recover faster, and experience strength and endurance gains above those I experience without using the supplement.  I also like taking nitric oxide in pill form rather than in powdered drink form.

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