Jack3d Micro – Review

Jack3d is an awesome nitric oxide supplementOf the dozens of the nitric oxide supplements that I could review, USPLabs’ Jack3d Micro is among the most intriguing to me.  USPlabs is well known in the fitness supplement industry for its thermogenic fat burner, OxyELITE Pro.  They also have been very active in developing high quality nitric oxide boosters like Yok3d and their new Agmatine 500.   Jack3d Micro is marketed to athletes and regular people who engage in some of the most challenging workout programs.  For those who push their bodies to the limit, Jack3d may be the perfect nitric oxide supplement for you.

Nitric oxide is critical in signaling the blood vessels to relax and expand.  This vasodilation is responsible for the pump you feel when you work out intensely.  But more important than the look of vascular, full muscles is what is going on beneath the surface.  Vasodilation not only brings more blood to the muscles, but increases the amount of oxygen and other nutrients getting to farthest reaches of your body.  Nitric oxide, by virtue of its signalling to the blood vessels to expand, also helps the body remove waste, like lactic acid, more efficiently, allowing you to workout longer and harder.

While Jack3d comes in powder form, it utilizes “micro technology” to dissolve more completely in water.  No more gritty after-taste!  Of course, like many nitric oxide, pre-workout formulas out there, Jack3d does contain caffeine and other energy boosting ingredients.  But the real key to Jack3d’s success in boosting nitric oxide comes from its unique formulation.

First, Jack3d contains L-Citrulline, a semi-essential amino acid which is broken down by the body to produce L-Arginine, which is in turn broken down by the body to generate nitric oxide.  Because the amount of L-Arginine from supplements that actually makes its way into the blood stream is small, L-Citrulline is considered a better nitric oxide booster.

Second, Jack3d contains Arginine-Nitrate.  Arginine-Nitrate is a very interesting form of Arginine that generates nitric oxide in the body in a kind of reverse process to the normal ezymatic process.  As we have discussed earlier, NO is produced when enzymes, called nitric oxide synthase, break down  arginine.  The nitric oxide then does its work, moving through the cell membranes and causing the blood vessels to expand.  This process works best in an aerobic environment.   However, toward the end of your workout, when you are huffing and puffing, your body is more anaerobic and the efficacy of this process lessens.

Arginine-Nitrate relies on the NO3 pathway to produce nitric oxide.  In this case, the nitrate is broken off of the original molecule and reduced to nitrite, which is then further reduced to nitric oxide.  This pathway can function in an anaerobic environment!  So the addition of Arginine-Nitrate to L-Citrulline may help you continue to produce maximal levels of nitric oxide throughout your work out, not just at the beginning like most supplements.

Third, Jack3d contains Grape Seed Extract (GSE), which has been shown to increase nitric oxide.  In a couple of recent studies it was found that, “Increased NO levels have been noted after Grape Seed Extract (GSE) at 100mg/kg in rats to 125.6% at rest, to 138.3% after acute exercise, and to 122.8% after chronic exercise (all relative to control).”

The side effects are going to be the same as the typical side effects from nitric oxide supplements.  Some people will experience  a slight headache, or stomach discomfort.  More serious side effects are possible.  Please consult your physician if you have any questions.  Also, if you have issues with caffeine, or other mild stimulants such as those in this and other pre-workout supplements, this may not be the product for you.  There are other nitric oxide supplements available which have no caffeine in them.

I believe that this novel approach to nitric oxide supplementation has a great deal of promise.   In fact, in 728 reviews, the supplement scores an 8.6 out of 10, considered excellent, by users on BodyBuilding.com.  This is a terrific score from a large universe of users.

You can find Jack3d at Bodybuilding.com Supplement Store and Supplements to Go.

What do you think about Jack3d?  Have you used it?  How did it work for you?  Let us know by leaving a comment below.