New drug being developed using compound found in red wine ‘could help humans live until they are 150’

Drugs that could combat ageing and help people to live to 150-years-old may be available within five years, following landmark research.  The new drugs are synthetic versions of resveratrol which is found in red wine and is believed to have an anti-ageing effect as it boosts activity of a protein called SIRT1.

Pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline has been testing the medications on patients suffering with medical conditions including cancer, diabetes and heart disease.  The work proves that a single anti-ageing enzyme in the body … More

(Resveratol also has been found to increase eNOS activity)

Heart Disease Risk Factor #1: Nitric Oxide. The role of nitric oxide in cardiovascular health.

From Reader’s Digest

The same chemical responsible for men’s erections (and, indirectly, for the success of Viagra) also plays a vital role in the health of your arteries, and thus your heart.   The chemical is nitric oxide (NO), which is primarily produced in the blood vessels’ endothelium, or lining. There it increases blood flow, prevents fatty deposits     … More

Beetroot Juice and Exercise Longer

From the USS Post

Why beet root juice?  Beets are on of the best sources of nitrates that are converted to nitric oxide in the body.  Nitric oxide helps increase endurance… More

What can nitric oxide do for me?

From the Los Angeles Times July 09, 2007

Nitric oxide is a gas naturally found in the body; its function is conveying information between cells. One of its main jobs is increasing blood flow by dilating blood vessels, and that’s why it’s sometimes given in supplement form to heart patients, orally and intravenously. In at least one study it’s been shown to be effective for lowering blood pressure… More

 How Nitric Oxide Maintains Health

From USC News February 18, 2009

Nobel Prize-winning pharmacologist Louis Ignarro visited the USC Davis School of Gerontology on Feb. 12 to discuss the health benefits of nitric oxide, which has been hailed as the “miracle molecule” because of its extraordinary importance in the health of virtually every cell in the body.

Ignrarro, professor at the UCLA Department of Molecular and Medical Pharmacology, was a co-recipient of the 1998 Nobel Prize in Medicine with Robert F. Furchgott and Ferid Murad. Together, the researchers discovered that nitric oxide, not to be confused with nitrous oxide  … More

Improve Your Sex Life With Dark Chocolate

Many people have heard that chocolate is for lovers. But it’s not just because women love chocolate and get excited about opening a red heart-shaped box. There’s a biological basis for chocolate’s sexy effects … Chocolate contains L-arginine, an amino acid that can be an effective natural sex-enhancer for both women and men. It works by increasing nitric oxide … More

 Nitric Oxide for Longevity

From Chemistry World- Feb 21, 2013

Since 2005, a controversy has been raging about the role of nitric oxide (NO) in increasing the lifespan of various organisms. Now, US researchers may have direct evidence for NO’s apparent special powers, at least in the nematode model organism Caenorhabditis elegans.  Worms deprived of their NO source lived shorter lives than normal.  Although an extremely toxic gas, even at concentrations as low as 80ppm, dissolved NO performs crucial signalling roles in the human body.  It dilates blood vessels, controls hair growth and is involved in penile erection… More

Nixing Nitric Oxide

Nitric oxide is a double-edged sword. It’s a key signaling molecule that controls blood pressure and nerve impulses, yet when concentrations of the simple gas molecule are too high, it’s toxic to cells. But this toxicity can be a valuable asset as well because it allows NO to serve as a central immune defense mechanism to destroy pathogenic bacteria such as Helicobacter pylori that invade the digestive system. … More …


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